Missionary Gerome Castro

Will you consider giving to help Bro. Castro and the church at Batac City in the Philippines to finish the roof for their building so they can meet indoors?

We were introduced to Missionary Pastor Gerome Castro by a Missionary Jim Olmstead from the US. Due to health issues experienced by Brother and Mrs. Olmstead, he was unable to continue generating support for the Land of the Morning missions and soon the mission board closed leaving the new church and ministry in the Philippines with no way to generate US based financial support.

Trinity Baptist Church has continued to give support and love offerings to the ministry and has seen an eternal return on those investments with growth at the Land of the Morning Baptist Church and the ministries that have been started by them. Bro. Castro and the church there have continued to serve God and spread the gospel in the Ilocos Norte area in the Philippines.

The church at Batac City was able to acquire a piece of land and through sacrificial efforts of their church family have been able to start the building of a church building for them to meet in. At this point, as you can see near the end of the video, the walls are mostly up but they are lacking a roof. The progress is currently stalled due to a lack of funds.

Would you consider giving out of love for their ministry? If you would be willing, please click here and Missions – Castro fund in the first drop down box.

Trinity Baptist Church is not a mission board but we see an opportunity to help and so we will. Every penny that is donated for this cause will go directly to the ministry there. No money will be withheld for administrative or other costs. We will be transparent about the funds raised and update this page once the money has been transferred to the ministry there in the Philippines.

Given as of 8/5/2021